Indoor Environmental & Air Quality

Advance Look specializes in the inspection of indoor environments for mold and moisture conditions along with the related issues from the science of building construction in Alaska.

Since indoor air quality conditions can play a significant role in triggering allergy or asthma attacks it is important to recognize potential triggers indoors and reduce your exposure to those triggers.

Lead and Asbestos is no longer legal to use in residential and commercial construction, but buildings constructed in the 1970’s and before may still have these hazards.

More commonly than most would like, sewage backups in buildings occur and create an unhealthy environment that needs proper cleaning and clearance testing.

Levels of Radon can “build” within our homes and become a health risk. Professional testing of the indoor environment of buildings can accurately determine the levels of radon within the inside living or working environment.

Most household carbon monoxide alarms do not warn residents until around 30ppm. Professional testing for the presence of carbon monoxide in a building can detect levels as little as 5 ppm.

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