P1130184-resized-600Every home has dust. (the photo is a completely plugged HRV filter) Household dust is a combination of many things. Some common ingredients are skin cells, dog & cat danders, sand, fibers, mold, dust mites & their feces and pollen, just to name a few. Everything in your homes dust can be an irritant to the average healthy person as well as an Asthma and Allergen trigger for the unfortunate many with these respiratory conditions. Homes with forced air heating systems or HRV units can utilize these appliances to help control dust issues. However, the most common reason for this practice to fail is lack of maintenance. About 75% of homes we have inspected have filter systems that are non-functional, either from dust buildup blocking the filters or from damaged or missing filters allowing everything to pass on by. Another common issue is dirty forced air heating systems from years of buildup. Companies that specialize in whole house duct system cleaning can alleviate any issues with fairly inexpensive cleaning methods. HEPA filtration with household portable HEPA air cleaning units is probably the best dust controller you can get. These units can be sized and properly placed in the home in the most common occupied spaces. However, maintenance is still needed to keep these units operating with desired results. Using a fan properly placed in a window with a cardboard frame while doing your “Sunday cleaning” can produce amazing results as it removes all that “stuff” you put in the air during the cleaning activities. All of these and many more ideas are great, however the regular maintenance of the devices in your home is the most important. If you are not sure of health concerns and the level of “dust” in your home, contract a professional cleaning company or have an Indoor Environmental Professional evaluate your home and consider performing air quality tests for Mold, Other Biological, Dust characterization or Asthma/Allergen triggers. These types of tests can help you identify potential health issues from the indoor air quality or they can give you the piece of mind your place is doing great and put your concerns at ease.